Talk, not

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I have a horrible realization today. Of the 9 hours I am in the office, on some days I didn’t talk to any of my colleagues entire day!I normally talk to them during lunch time and if I go out for lunch, I might not talk to them at all, although being in the same office room.Sometimes we talk about work and the new Randall at musician’s friend but when there isn’t any work-talk, we might not talk at all.

Hmm.. I am being very quiet and neutral here in this company. But then again, it’s not that they are much of a chatters. The office is generally quiet all the time. I haven’t found a friend in this office yet, everyone is colleague now.

I miss my old company where there are many people and there isn’t a day which I never talk to anyone before. Though I once complaint that it is too noisy there. But at least I have many friends there. *sigh*


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