My friend has bought a second unit of condo and has been very excitedly asking me to visit it. As I was busy for the past few months, I didn’t have time to go until last weekend.

It was quite a drive away, about 30km away! Thank God for GPS or else […]

“You are really concerned about your eyes, hor?” my best friend said after I told her I have bought yet another eye cream from Guardian during lunch time just now!
Yes, indeed I am! I can see fine lines under my eyes now and I am not even close to 35 yet! […]

Sometimes I wish  that my parents had send me to some classes when I was young, such as ballet classes or swimming classes or even guitar classes.

I felt that I am lacking of a skill apart from those I learnt in school. All my friends have some talent that they brushed […]

I don’t know how I manage to mess up my dressing table’s drawers and I have to tidy them up every few months. I even have those small drawer organizers to keep the little things in places.
However every time after I tidied them up, I felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction looking […]

When I did my spring cleaning last week, apart from all the nostalgic stuffs that I discovered, I also came across my old shoes for horse riding! I used to join the equestrian club during third year of study with a friend.
I remembered going to the classes every Wednesday. We get to ride every other […]

Sometimes I felt rather bored when there’s nothing to work on. I always like to have a little project to keep me busy and focus. I am not an idle type of person who can just laze around all day watching TV or sleeping. Even during holiday, I need to be on my […]

I am hopeless when it comes to financial management. I am not really interested in the shares market, investment and stuffs like that. But the other day, worrying that I might not be doing enough for my financial management, I decided to read on an easy article on the focus of financial management […]


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The other day, I was just thinking if I would end up doing what my friend is doing if I have decided to take the course that she took. I had that choice back then but after much thought, I decided to take something else.

She is now doing analysis of blood, […]


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The other day, I was in the lift alone after work. It was quite late, about 8pm-ish and I was a little worried as it gets very quiet in my work building after 8pm.
At 7th floor, suddenly the lift door opened and I was surprised when a guy came in with one of the cool […]