As a shoes lover, I have many types of shoes and a few pairs for each category. Sandals, sport shoes, stilettos, high heels, pump, and many others.
But I realized that what my friend told me is true. If you keep a shoe unworn for a long time, the shoes will spoil easily. Either the sole […]

I am super, super sleepy today at work. Actually it is not only today but it has been more than a week where I feel very tired at work or whenever I face the computer. I guess my eyes do not blink as frequent and thus it is very dry. I just wish I could […]

Last weekend I attended an ex-schoolmate wedding ceremony and dinner. I haven’t met her for quite some times and it was excited to see her getting married. Really happy for her.

During her ceremony I noticed that not only she was wearing many pieces of beautiful jewelry, even her mother and all […]

And the rainy seasons has just begun. It seems to be more frequent in a year than I remembered. It is super hot and sunny in the evening and it will just pour in the early evening till late evening; the time when everyone finishes work and rushes home.
This makes the traffic even worse that […]

I’ve been watching the currency for quite some time and was really hoping the USD will go up again. But it has been hovering around the same price for the past few months. I chided myself for not selling it off when it was a pretty reasonable rate  during end of last year, hoping that it […]

Buy & Buy

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A big fan of pharmacy and personal store such as Guardian, Watson & Caring, I couldn’t help but want to visit them every time I passed by.  Even when I have nothing to buy! I simply love to browse and look for promotion and attractive products. I guess it always leads to impulse buying!
Like last […]


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I think most of the women in my mom generation are good in sewing and making some basic clothes, curtains and stuffs. But coming to my generation, only a handful of us can operate the sewing machine!
I did learn sewing and made a simple bag at school but since then, I am only able to […]

When I was schooling, whenever I have to write an essay about my favourite pastime, I always write that I like to read and listening to music. Come to think of it, I am not really a music person although I enjoy listening to music when I am in the car and I […]