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My new housemate has moved in to our house for a couple of weeks by now and I guess he is slowly adapting to the house and our habits. And to my amusement, he asked another housemate, why are you guys always eating eggs?!
They boil and eat egg quite frequently, and munch on them like […]


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All have been planned.

I am so eager to countdown to a new year with my friends in a country down south.
But oops, something cropped up with the arranged, free accommodation! It is bad timing after all and I felt bad to invade to my friend’s house that isn’t ready for guests […]

Christmas is around the corner again. I can’t believe it is end of the year, yet again. Time just wheeze by so quickly and it always caught me by surprise end of the year. I didn’t realise the numbered days left in this year until my nephew starting to hint me for his […]


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Apparently the water tank in our house has been leaking for weeks, or perhaps months. But nobody in our house noticed it till our neighbour finally informed KY.
We did heard water dripping sound and I thought that it was the water in the drain. Little did I suspect that it could be our own very […]

What I really want for Christmas, a dear friend asked me recently. I actually don’t really know what I want. I’ve have almost everything that I need and I cant be requesting for expensive holidays which I really crave for.
Thus I started to google online and check out some online store for cool Chrismassy-feel-gifts and […]

Buying my very first home, I don’t have much idea how I want to furnish it. I want it to be comfortable and yet modern and stylish. I want open concept that makes the house look bigger and more welcoming. But I haven’t thought of colour schemes or the designs yet.But I always know what […]

I found a very lovely way on how you could decorate your house with minimum fuss but maximum effect for the holiday season. I am always looking out for the easiest way to decorate and preferably something that is easy to maintain and clean.

Actually I got this idea when visiting a cousin’s house last weekend. […]

It is crazy cold in the office now with the rainy seasons. I don’t know why they didn’t want to adjust the thermostat to less cold than it is now.

The first thing that I do every day when I step into the office is to put on my thick fleece jacket! […]

With the dwindling economy, it is difficult to find a good job as many companies are cutting back on resources. Experience and a degree are important in securing a better job with better offer during this time. Thus I am thinking of getting a MBA degree.
As I am still working full time, it is difficult […]