Today is my last working day for this year. I meant the Chinese Lunar Year. I think the Chinese New Year arrives too early this year, giving me no time for mental preparation! And I have not really shop for CNY yet for new clothes and shoes!

I am so going to shopping this weekend as […]

I have been taking wholemeal bread for more than a year for approximately 3 days a week for my breakfast. I remember taking breads everyday when I was studying in primary and secondary school and it was a routine, not something that I like to eat.

But now I am taking it due to its goodness […]

With the house prices sky rocketing like crazy, I wish I could invest one and make some money in the future. I am already having a tiny condo but it is pretty small and not really suitable for a family. For 2 persons it is quite comfortable and spacious enough.
My friend was lucky that she […]

When I was younger, I simply like junk food and all the food that is not good for my body and health. I also love to indulge into chocolates.
However, now I realised that I am losing my sweet tooth. I only like it someday and I would only consume a little to satisfy my craving. But […]

What illness/pain will you take away if given a chance to choose? I guess I will choose to have no neck/shoulder pain anymore. As I spend quite a few hours a day using the computer, I found myself sitting in the same position that contributes to shoulder/neck pain. I always yearn for a […]

I am just so not looking forward for the Chinese New Year celebration that comes earlier this year! I am just not prepared and besides, I don’t find it as enjoyable as I used to be when I was a kid. I just hope I can escape this family gathering to some fabulous holiday now. I […]

Another all time favourite of mine is cherry tomato. I don’t know if I like the taste or the crunchiness of it or simply because it is orange red in colour which means full of beta carotene, Vitamin A!

Yes, I like all orange or red colour fruit simply as I want to maintain good eyesight. […]