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Do you know of any selfish people? I think the answer is YES, unless you are 5 years old and the only people you know is your family and some small friends.
I don’t understand why some people could be so plain selfish. They only do something if it brings benefit to them whether directly, indirectly […]

It is so easy to keep in touch nowadays with the internet, social media, instant messaging and website. Everyone can own each of it as easily as ABC.

I remember the first time I created my email account around 15 years ago. It was my roommate who showed me how to […]

Guess what did I get from my exchange gift present at my company today? All of us have to buy something for someone. I usually let the other person know what I wanted for gift but this year, I felt that I wanted some surprise.And surprise is what I got!I got something which is pretty […]

 After talking to my friends, I realized that I have been underutilizing the space in my house. With only 2 persons staying, I don’t have much more empty space to put my stuffs in the house.
It seems that all the kitchen cabinets are full and I think I am not optimizing the space in the […]

When I was still using a rather low end phone, I relied on my digital cameras to take photos. I still did now but at least my phone camera is pretty good at 8MP.
Thus back then, I always bought an extra battery for my camera from online shop; not our website the one we frequently […]

My father is intrigued with new and creative stuffs; doesn’t matter if it I just a simple tools in the kitchen or even bottles opener. If he finds it a little different or something that he has never used before; he usually will buy and find ways to make use of them.
It is total opposite character […]


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Finally after 2 days of travelling, I am back last night. Spent 3 hours cleaning up my room and house; the fans, floors, shelves and laundry.

Today I’ll spent the day hanging out, watching DVD and have a real rest. But it is freaking hot! How I wish the weather could be […]

After waiting for the bag that I’ve bought online, I finally received it after Chinese New Year, the 2nd week of it! It was supposed to be deliver out by end of December, before the New Year.
However due to out of stock, they promised to deliver before Chinese New Year but it didn’t […]

Today for my lunch, I ordered fish again although I have little confidence on the fish that they might prepare. Last week, I simply hate the small fried fish that has strong fishy smell and I practically have to force myself swallow it down my throat.
Why do I order it again today?  Eating fish does bring […]

My friend complaint to me of tummy pain. When I asked why, he said he felt so hungry in the evening and instead of taking his dinner, he went for a jog!
Gosh; simply because he felt like exercising today. And of course he felt hungrier and quickly take dinner. But it doesn’t help as I […]

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