It was in the kindergarten, I was about 5 years old. I have to take school bus home everyday. My father couldn’t pick me up.
And so, after class, many kids were running to the orange school bus and so I boarded with them. The bus journey was a different one. There was many paddy fields […]

Don’t drink too much coffee, its bad for health. Take green tea, my friend advised me.
But little does he realised that green tea does contain caffeine too, though the amount is much lesser compared to those in coffee. However green tea is much more beneficial to our body as they contains lots of antioxidants which […]

Stay Away

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Some people are just so irritating and I wish that I can easily de-friend them. But we are in a group of friends and it would not be nice to just shut them out easily without having a good excuse. But we do not need a good excuse to dislike someone, do we? […]

Dirty House~

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With 7 people staying together in this little tiny house and only half of it willing to clean it, it’s no wonder our house is always a little on the dirty side. We have come out with a duty roaster to take turn cleaning the floor but apparently it is not a big success.I myself hate […]

My friend pinged me on instant messenger and told me that I would scold him again. He lost his phone again, the third time this year! Lucky that he didnt buy expensive smart phone, in fact he is not using any smart ph one at all. But a humble basic phone without colors! Can you believe […]

“Take more apples if you do not like oats”, said the health consultant.
And well, I used to take them weekly but then I switched to orange as it makes me less full after dinner comparing to apple.  But yesterday I bought some green apples and tried to get rid of the wax at the skin as […]

What a ridiculous news; the home minister is banning the comic of Ultraman as the translation mentions the Islamic’ God’s name. C’mon isn’t it obvious that it is just a translation mistake?

My colleague made fun that poor Ultraman is banned in Malaysia as he is a Christian as he is always […]

I love sea coconut dessert; the Chinese type with longan, snow fungus, red dates and wolfberry as it is clear, sweet and tasty.
It is extremely easy to make on your own and it is good for the lung. Here is the recipe :
Sea Coconut with White Fungus Dessert
1.5 litres water
10 fresh […]