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Tomorrow is Isetan Sales again, my ex-colleague Sandra, informed me. As I am not working there anymore, I couldn’t easily pop over to Isetan during lunch time unless I take the train which would cost me another $2 and 20 minutes per trip of my lunch time.But since tomorrow is Friday, I’ll try to take […]

I find that eating beans is also a good alternative for veges as there are many goodness packed in the bean. Bean and legumes provide the good fat that our body need.
More importantly, it is packed with protein as well as dietary fibre that help digestion and prevent bowel cancer and lower blood cholesterol. As […]

I live my weekday for weekend, a thought suddenly crossed my mind. I do not like to work but I have to do it to make a living. But that doesn’t mean I am not doing a good job, just not maybe my best when it is routine job.
Suddenly I thought of a movie I […]

I read in an article today that it is more beneficial to drink fruit or vegetable juice than to eat the fruit or vegetable on its own!

The reason is that when you drink the juice, all the enzymes and nutrients are easily absorbed into your body system. 

However, your body needs to digest all the fruits […]