Do you sometimes feel envy of your peers that seem to be much better off that you today? Whether it was in term of career, financial, family, love or personal achievement?
My mother said “Do not compare between people or else you’ll never be happy” and how true it is. I heard of an ex schoolmate […]

I couldn’t shake off the loneliness that crept in
Sneaking in like an experienced thief

I couldn’t figure the way to handle it

So I might as well as make friend with it.

The loneliness is a good friend to be

Accompanying you like a silly queen

It listens to you as you wept and sleep

Till the morning by your side […]

Now I make it a point to eat oats at least twice every week. I bought those oats that need to be cooked instead of the flavoured instant oat which I think isn’t as good as the cooking oat.It is more troublesome but with the amazing goodness to deal with my high cholesterol, I am […]

Sometimes in life, there is only room for one. Thus we need to choose what is the one that we really want. It is about options and decision. It might not be easy.
It might not even be the right decision. But we will never know until we choose it.But always remember : When you gain […]