Why do I eat Oats?

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Now I make it a point to eat oats at least twice every week. I bought those oats that need to be cooked instead of the flavoured instant oat which I think isn’t as good as the cooking oat.It is more troublesome but with the amazing goodness to deal with my high cholesterol, I am willing to take it twice a week for dinner.My basic recipe is 5-7 big tablespoons of oats with sausage (or Chinese sausage), lettuce pickles (or beans), anchovies (depending on availability) and black sesame.

It tastes quite good and acceptable for my level as sometimes I am too busy to cook other stuffs or to buy dinner. So the oat dinner is simple and good.

The benefit of eating oats including :

lowering your blood cholesterol level

it’s a natural antidepressant which will make you calmer

cooked oat will relieve stress!

 -        Protect from bowel cancer with its high fibre

Reduce heart disease risk

Stabilize blood glucose level for people with diabetes 


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