Over the weekend, I went shopping with both of my two best friends, looking for tinted moisturiser. I went to many counters like Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Clinique, Stilla, Bobby Browns and some others. Only three has tinted moisturiser and I had the promoter tried the for me.

It is the first time I see it and I felt that it is not up to my expectation. I mean I suppose it will works well but somehow I felt tht it is almost same like foundation but perhaps more moisturising. And I have to apply loose powder on it as well and remove with make up remover.

Which makes me think why do I want to have it at the first place? Why don’t I use my existing foundation? Well I guess I am just lazy and I thought tinted moisturiser is a way out. Apparently not. And I have not buy it yet. Maybe I would. Maybe not. =)


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