My colleague told me that I should have taken more oats as I have cholesterol problem, despite my lean body! Yes, I do buy them but I rarely eat them as I find the taste rather bland and I do not like the thick texture of it.

She told me that there is many ways that I could cook my oat so it is easier for me to eat it and taste nicer too.For instant, adding more water to it, I could get oat porridge, replacing my rice porridge!I could also add variety of other food to it to make it more exciting such as-        peanut butter and banana

-        Bovril-        Chicken (as in chicken porridge!)

-        Honey, jam

-        Fruits

I hope I can try some of it and take my oats more frequently.

Twice a week will be good for me~! A rarely achievable target.. Not even once a month now! Ooppsss…


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