When I was in college, I had a coursemate which was very passionate about what he does. If he is interested and wants to learn something, you can be assured that he will put all his heart and time into it.

There was one time that he was determined to learn piano. But getting a real […]


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I was supposed to attend a software conference with my ex-colleague last month. It was all paid for, about RM50 per entrance after discount. We planned to go to the conference about a month ago. But at the last minute, he told me that he couldn’t make it! Reason was his little girl was ‘graduating’ […]

I love eating fries especially those from McDonalds. Who doesn’t?
Well, maybe some people don’t but majority of us love fried food which is evil and sinful! There are many study that shows fried food could lead the chances of getting cancer such as breast cancer and lung cancer. The fat in the fries can cause […]

I realised that I have been grinding teeth in my sleep and this freak me out a little. I do not know how long it has been going on but I’ve been told that I’ve been grinding for 3 consecutive nights.Is this due to stress, fatique or braces?
I am not so sure and thus I […]

Since moving in to this house, my lifestyle is getting more healthier, or at least on food consumption aspect.I used to be a food-junkie, eating junk food at least 3 to 5 times a week! I love corn chips, prawn crackers and most of the snacks. I also took a lot of instant food like […]