In my early days in the kindergarten, I was seated with two girls at a table. Being a quiet one, I hardly have any friend.

One day, one of the girl came earlier than me and sat at my place. I didn’t know what to do and the other girl told me, ‘never mind, you sit […]

I climbed up to my bed early yesterday night at 10.30pm, which was more than an hour earlier than usual. I wanted to get more sleep as I felt that I was lacking of it.

Though there were some noises from outside which prevented me from having a sound sleep before midnight, nevertheless I felt that […]

Lunch Talk

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What is worse than sitting with a group and not having the same chat topic in long lunch or dinner? Well, I hate to be in the situation where you don’t really know your lunch mates well and there is no good topics to talk about. Or you are simply not interested in the topic […]

What is your oddest collection? I think I am a very normal person and I’ve collected pretty normal stuff when I grew up; stickers, keychains and stuffs that I never throw away for sentimental values like cards, handmade bookmarks and a handful of books from my primary and secondary school years.
But my friends many odd […]

I can’t believe after working for a couple of days, I am falling sick! I am the type that seldom falls sick, or so I thought, except for minor flu every now and then. I hope I don’t come across as grouchy to my colleagues.
But now I felt like a sick cat. When I woke […]