Beauty Tips~

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I want to be pretty but I don’t want to spend too much time on it. Here are some of the quick beauty tips that you can count on :
- Apply moisturiser at night so you look younger and fresher the next day.
- Get makeup base and powder in one for quick application.
- To make […]

I didn’t know that there is many hidden talents in my company. The other day, on our weekday-Christmas-pary, one of the activities we had was talent show. It isn’t a competition or something like that, more of voluntarily talent show. A couple of the colleagues decided to show their talent for music.
One of the sing […]


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Toner is apply after you cleanse your skin before you put moisturiser on it. But it is a step which many people would like to skip it and I am one of them.
I do not see the purpose of using the translucent liquid which doesn’t seems to bear any good effect on my face. Or […]