The other day, my colleagues and I had a chat over lunch. We were thinking on how we can eat healthily as the vegetables and fruits sold on the market was usually full of chemicals. The organic ones are too pricey.
The only way is to grow our vegetables but with the sizes of […]

Almost every kid I know either has an ipad or android pad or something similar to that. Parents are engaging the children to those electronic items as it could capture their attention for a longer period of time than conventional toys.
I‘ve read an article that young children should not be introduce to such gadgets and […]


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My friend is an avid photographer and he can takes many good pictures. I am always admiring his photos when he posts them on Facebook. One day, we went out in a group and he took some pictures. So I saw the photos before and after he uploaded. And my, it looks quite different!
After I […]

It has been a great 2014 for me with all that has happened.

 I wish 2014 is as great or better and Happy New Year to all!