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Nowadays I’ve hardly have times to watch any movie at the cinema. Lately, I’ve stole some times to watch DVD on 2 movies over the weekend!It was Ice Age 3 and Transformer 2.One on Saturday and the other on Sunday.

The former one was quite hilarious although the story line was a little too simple. Well, what do you expect out of animation anyway. It was quite relaxing to watch such movie although the movies were old!

The latter was quite an action movies; full of robots and fights. It gets a little fuzzy and messed up when all the metals were thrashing each other. But at least it was a much better movie than Terminator 3.
Enjoyed myself at certain part of the movies but it was too long for my liking. I checked my watch a little too often!What’s next for me? The next Harry Potter, I guess. :)


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