I noticed dry patches on my face especially at the side of both cheeks few weeks ago. With that I soak it with hydration mask and put think moisturizer and Vitamin E cream that I bought during the cold weather in California. It helps for a day and get dry again.Here are top 5 skin drying factors according to my favorite magazine:

1.      Using overly harsh products such as abrasive exfoliation which can strip lipids off the skin.

2.      Using too many products. Different ingredients from varying beauty lines can cancel each other out or irritate skin.3.      Cleaning too often which pull all the oil off the skin and keeps it pliable and protected from bacteria.

4.      Air conditioned office – extreme temperature change from in office to hot air weather weakens the cell’s ability to retain moisture!5.      Not adjusting for cold weather when travel – not adjusting our skincare according to the different temperature countries.


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