Silly Glasses..

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The only time I wear a glasses is when I am using the computer. I made a pair of computer glasses to prevent radiation five years ago when I started working and have to face the computer for a minimum of 8 hours a day and sometimes I face it for more than 12 hours! *gasp*Thus, I try to minimize any impact with wearing glasses, although I am not sure if it really helps with the amount of time I use the pc. In the middle of the glasses there are two rubbers that support the glass by the arch of your nose.

The other day, one of the rubbers dropped and lucky thing I saw it. So I put it back myself and used it as normal for about a week. Whenever I used too long, I felt uncomfortable around the side of the nose, where the rubber was pressing it. I have to take it out for a while. Today again, I felt uncomfortable after using for 2 hours and I took out my glasses, only to notice that I put the little rubber the wrong way!!! No wonder the discomfort..


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