Received another good news from an old friend today; she is finally getting married! I am really happy for her as I know that she has been looking for a life partner for a while and didn’t know that she was seeing someone now.

She called to share the good news and she sounds really […]

Last weekend I went to the primary school classmates gathering. I never thought I would be so brave to attend it as I haven’t met most of them for many, many years. I felt it would be awkward if we have nothing much to talk about, like the time when I met a new friend […]

I was never really interested in any type of jewelry except for ear rings. I have a huge collection set of ear rings; cheap and affordable ones. Not the type that fancy expensive jewelry; I am more into design of it.

Until recently. I’ve been looking at rings and admiring them although I doubt that I […]

When I was travelling and staying in the hotel, I always like to check out the bathroom first. I think it is a personal place which you spend some times alone every day. There is one hotel bathroom that really attracts my attention. It has some wonderful light at the mirror, reminding me of the […]