Recently a new mother joined my department and I think she’s a little chatty. It is still nice to hear her talking and fill up the conversation during lunch time; but I hope I won’t find her annoying some day. She likes to talk about her 4 year old daughter which just started to go […]

The other day, a friend asked me if I have plan to get my own car. Actually I have been thinking of getting one but just never really thought about it seriously. I could do without a car but of course life would be more convenient with one and I would be less dependent on […]

My Back!

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Last Saturday, I woke up with a back pain and I thought I didn’t sleep properly. I tried to ignore it and went to have good breakfast with my friend. But the pain got worse during the day and at night; I could hardly turned my head to the other side. But it got better […]

Growing up, I never care much for jewelry. I never fancy on glittering rings or pretty necklace as most girls. However I just like to wear earrings and it doesn’t even need to be an expensive one. Just a nice or fashionable design. However I started to notice the beautiful precious stones when I travelled […]