Lunch Stories

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Recently a new mother joined my department and I think she’s a little chatty. It is still nice to hear her talking and fill up the conversation during lunch time; but I hope I won’t find her annoying some day. She likes to talk about her 4 year old daughter which just started to go to kindergarten. She will proudly tells us what her daughter learns in school and what activities that they provides in that kindergarten.

And the little girl seems to like music and has been playing with egg shakers intstrument and will be doing a performance in this coming  performance. I am okay to hear stories about kids but I notice that the younger guys seem to be uninterested in that topic. :P And another colleague always talk about her pet dog and even share that she gets her dog medicine from EntirelyPets Pharmacy online!

Seems like you can get to learn different things from lunch chat!


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