Good to hear that he finally rent out his condo for a very good price. I thought he wouldn’t be able to rent out at that price initially as I thought it was ridiculously high for a 900-sq-ft unit. But boy, I was so wrong.
Though he did take about 3 months to have it rent […]


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As soon as the plane landed, I could smell quite a strong smoky stench; and no doubt it was the haze. I’ve been warned through the numerous post on Facebook regarding the haze was back, again! But I didn’t guess it would be this bad.
And thank goodness I took an extra day of leave so […]

The Trap

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I didn’t realize that many of my colleagues felt upset about the colleague who was bragging yesterday about his knowledge and interest of music.
Today over lunch, they purposely trapped him by talking about music and was making up some products. He was clueless and was trying hard to pretend that he knows something.

It was funny […]

During my company’s All Hand meeting today, we have horrible time listening to the speech by our CEO. It is not that he delivers bad news or the speech was too long or he was making a boring talk. But the microphone was not working well and the sound was screeching at times and too […]