To Lend Money Or Not

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Never loan your money to your friend; especially the best friends. I have heard of that many times and the reason is not because you shouldn’t help them financially but it is because money always causes fall out among friends and even families.

If you really want to help, consider giving them the money instead if you could afford. Then you are not expecting the money back and it would be better in the long run for both parties. I always think it is always better to be the one who lend out the money than the one having to borrow.

But how about lending money for a business? I have a friend who is in the business line whom never call us up until he needs to borrow some money! If he is in the medical line, there will be an option for medical company lending from Well, it needs to have at least a net realized value (NRV) of $500,000 or less. Just visit the site and get a quote.


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