Coming or not?!

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Another Sunday is going to be over soon. And I don’t know if I am glad or not as I usually wait for the weekend on the weekdays.But today is different. A friend’s friend said she will be coming to collect something from me today. And she never mention what time. She just said she will let me know an hour earlier before she comes. And thus, I waited. And keep checking on my phone just in case she drop me a text. And I checked from morning, to noon to evening and I am even checking my phone now. Every 15 minutes or so.And it is 9.12pm now and I doubt she is coming today although I am still continue to check my phone. Argghh.. it makes me mentally waiting for her to come whole day!And I didn’t go out. All I did was watch some movies and surf the net. I saw the db electric that I like on my fav site; and am contemplating to get it for myself. But I don’t want to regret spending something out of the spur.Oh well, I think I should get ready to bed. She is not coming.


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