The Job I Miss!

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When I was in the office today, I suddenly remembered the time I was being asked my previous employer to help out at headquarter in Singapore for a couple of days or weeks at times. I was there mostly for customer support as well as training.

Thinking back, I think I was rather bold and committed with my job. Most of the time I have to travel on my own to the customer site to give them training or for support job, like implementation or fixing the software that run into some issues.

When I was there, I would be given a list of customers that faced any issues and I listed it in my folder. Then I would call them and tackle one by one, solving as many as I could before I went back. There were many times I took the MRT train alone to the customer site. I have to find out how to get there as I wasn’t familiar with the places.

There was even once my stingy lady boss wanted to save on the cost and taught me how to take the bus to a customer condominium to fix the printer services. It was a long bus journey and I was worried to get lost. Upon reaching there, I was impressed by the security of the condominium and went to the customer’s place to help her with the printer. I was so familiar and know well about our software to be confident enough to visit them. And to do the training as well. There was many ups and downs in the job as there were different types of customers, some were sweet while others were monster! And I remembered the office was very cold that many of us wear our thick jacket to keep warm!

But anyhow, I really missed the old time and the job! 


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  1. Tammy on December 4th, 2008 7:31 pm

    learning new skills is always hard and might be frightening, but i think it will pay off in the future. building up your experience is essential in the modern day workforce and having a wide array of skills can come in handy when you’re looking for a new job. but yeah, new jobs mean that there are always old jobs to be missed!

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