To become a woman is to become worry of unnecessary things that is happening or not happening. It is a second nature to us, to worry about everything else that might seems to be nifty to the guys.Is it our wild imagination or is it the way we are wired?We let ourselves to convince our […]

When I just graduated, I heard that the insurance plan will be changed at the end of the year. Something about the premium going to increase every year if you buy from next year onward.   And thus, I quickly bought my very first insurance! As I couldn’t afford too much, I bought the basic package […]


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I remembered when I was in the last year of the primary school; we were quite free after the major UPSR examination. But still I didn’t want to miss school although there were no classes going on in school anymore.

We were just waiting for the school break to arrive. And thus, we played games in […]

Whenever I am at slightest excitement, be it to get up early the next day or planning for a trip or getting a surprise before bed time, the possibility of me having insomnia escalated to the highest point. Or even when I have a list to do in my head, like work stuff, things to […]

As I was walking home from work, I was thinking how unfair it is that some people just look so beautiful and others are ugly. And don’t you tell me that appearance is not important at all, what matters is the heart. All of us know that to a certain level, appearance does matters, in […]

Another rainy Monday morning and many people is sick. As mentioned by one colleague, rainy day will lead to traffic jam and “super-magnet” which attract people to the bed. And as expected, a few people in the team is indeed out sick. Somehow I wish I am one of them.It is super cold in the […]