I think it is time for me to clean up my wardrobe again. It is time I throw away some clothes that no longer fits me. I can’t exactly remember when was the last time I did this. And I’ve been buying a lot of clothes in the recent years that I am running out […]


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With the upcoming travelling, I might miss a few occasions. One of them is the visit from my uncle in May. He is planning to bring her daughter but too bad I would not be around to see her for the first time.

And my good friend is celebrating her big birthday for a new decade […]

Valentine’s day is overrated; or so I was told by my colleagues. Many have feel pressure on this days; especially the guys. Their girlfriends and wives expected something special from them; either an expensive dinner, a surprise gift or romantic gateway somewhere. Many are worry about disappointing their ladies that they were thinking of many […]

For my Valentine’s day this year, I am really out of idea on what to get for him. What else does he needs or wants that is within my budget. I know that he might like to have a new mobile phone or maybe a new gadget but it is really within my budget for […]

For this coming Valetine’s Day, my friend who is pretty good at drawing was asked by his friend to draw a photo of her and her boyfriend. She wants to give it as a gift to him for their first Valentine’s Day. A romance boy himself, my friend agreed and did a pencil sketch of […]