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Today I went to the shopping mall to find a wine opener. After some searching we couldn’t find the wine opener but ended up with something else, as usual! I nearly bought a pair of shoes but able to pull myself together! I bought a floor paper mop that is disposable and easy to use. I hate to clean my floors especially on weekday as it can get pretty tiring after work. WL has used it at home and she said it is pretty useful and thus I couldn’t help but try it.

When I excitedly show it to Yvonne, she said she has used it at home and it is useless! But after trying one time, I find it quite okay and could at least clean my floor, perhaps for everyday use and I can use real mop on weekend so that my floor stays clean the whole week! I like to have clean floor. And on top of that purchase I also splurged on a bundy trumpet! Yeah, ain’t proud of my uncontrolled spending but I really enjoy playing with it! :)  


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