Don’t Panic~

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What do you do if during the scanning of bags at the airport doesn’t allow you to bring the tripod into the plane as hand luggage? They insist that you have to check-in the tripod when you could carry it as hand luggage previously.

Your only concern is that the rough handling at check-in would spoil your expensive gadget.Do you argued with them or do you go to check in as instructed?Well, if there is another scanning counter, do not argue with them. Calm down, nod and proceed to another scanning counter and you might have your luck.

It happened to us and we managed to pull it off at the 2nd counter.I did the same method when my train card was bended and couldn’t be read at the machine. One of the counters refused to refund the value for me and thus I went to another station counter.

Yes, I got my refund value with the new card on the same day. ^.^


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