One of the quickest to spot sign of aging is your skin. There will be fine lines and not as firm as it used to be. Thus it is important to take care of your skin so it doesn’t age before its’ time.

Few factors that could speed up your aging skin are :

The sun : […]

The last time I went to my hairstylist, he gave me some useful advices when he saw that I am starting to have hair loss problem at such young age. It probably due to the way I shampoo my hair, using those drugstore shampoo which is too strong for my scalp.
Here are some steps to […]

Glam it up!

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I am not a makeup-person. I don’t even have a complete set of makeup kits to begin; only owning a few pieces of makeup from various brands (some really cheap brand) that I bought over the pharmacy now and then. I do not know how to apply nicely and normally after applying, it doesn’t last […]

More tips on shampooing your hair effectively :
1.      Don’t lather up on dry hair as shampoo works better on well-soaked hair. It minimize the usage of shampoo too and easier to remove the suds

2.      Do not apply shampoo to hair ends but to the scalp only.

3.      Don’t scratch your scalp as you lather as it […]

A kissable lip?
Here’s a little advice to keep your lip soft, pretty and healthy! For girls and guys too!
1. Before you go to sleep, dab a generous amount of lip balm on your lip. Optionally, you can also use Vaseline.
2. In the morning, exfoliate your lip with your tooth brush softly before brushing your teeth. Yes, lip […]

I hate pores on my face as it always appear on both side of my cheek. How do I control it? Why does it grow bigger?
Here are some answers for pores fact!
-        Anything that clogs up your pores extends its natural diameter thereby making it appear larger than life. Yucks!

-        To make pores return to […]

I always have nice and clear skin. It’s not exactly excellent but at least I do not have major skin problems. Only sometimes I’ll have some pimples at certain times of the months or when I eat too much heaty stuffs.
That is probably why I am lazy to take good care of it till recently. […]

Eye Care

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I think the most valuable feature/part of myself that I treasured most are my eyes! I was having lunchie with one of my treasured-bestsie when we saw another blind fella sitting on the table, eating his lunch. We couldn’t imagine how dark their world must be, never to see what they are eating, to see […]

I have read a lot about tinted moisturiser in my favourite magazine and many tips on how to use them to enhance your look for different situations. But I have no idea what is tinted moisturiser!  After some googling, I find that it is a fence-sitter of the beauty world, not really a foundation but […]

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