“Take more apples if you do not like oats”, said the health consultant.
And well, I used to take them weekly but then I switched to orange as it makes me less full after dinner comparing to apple.  But yesterday I bought some green apples and tried to get rid of the wax at the skin as […]

I love sea coconut dessert; the Chinese type with longan, snow fungus, red dates and wolfberry as it is clear, sweet and tasty.
It is extremely easy to make on your own and it is good for the lung. Here is the recipe :
Sea Coconut with White Fungus Dessert
1.5 litres water
10 fresh […]

Today for my lunch, I ordered fish again although I have little confidence on the fish that they might prepare. Last week, I simply hate the small fried fish that has strong fishy smell and I practically have to force myself swallow it down my throat.
Why do I order it again today?  Eating fish does bring […]

I have been taking wholemeal bread for more than a year for approximately 3 days a week for my breakfast. I remember taking breads everyday when I was studying in primary and secondary school and it was a routine, not something that I like to eat.

But now I am taking it due to its goodness […]

When I was younger, I simply like junk food and all the food that is not good for my body and health. I also love to indulge into chocolates.
However, now I realised that I am losing my sweet tooth. I only like it someday and I would only consume a little to satisfy my craving. But […]

Another all time favourite of mine is cherry tomato. I don’t know if I like the taste or the crunchiness of it or simply because it is orange red in colour which means full of beta carotene, Vitamin A!

Yes, I like all orange or red colour fruit simply as I want to maintain good eyesight. […]

This morning before I went to work, while getting ready, I ate 7 cherry tomatoes as it was easy to prepare (almost no preparation except washing them). When I get to work, as usual I had my two slices of wholemeal breads with half a cup of coffee (yes, this much I allowed myself for caffeine).
Around […]

I do not like to eat oats though I was advised to take it daily as my bad cholesterol is much higher than expected for my age. I hate drinking fresh milk too as I do not like the taste as well. I thought it is better to take supplement.

But lately I found something that […]

I try to drink some milk every morning for every other week but I have heard of so many milk myths that makes me a little doubtful.  But after checking it out, well, some myths are just..well, myths! It is not true.

For example, milk is bad for asthmatics which is definitely not true according to […]


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When I stepped down at the Masjid Jamek train station, I saw fruits stalls. The usuals grapes, oranges, apples and lychees. But something else caught my attention. Cherries! It was around RM6 per 100gram and I couldn’t help but buy a 100 gram to try. I love cherries too, especially the fresh ones. It was […]

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