A trip success is not fully on the destination chose but the most important thing is the participants. I realized that after I joined a few trips which suppose to be good one but wasn’t as fantastic due to the people that went with me.

I realized no matter where you for a holiday, as long […]

One of the fastest ways to get to know a stranger is through a trip or holiday with them.
I have known quite many new friends through travelling together. They are either my ex-colleagues which I have barely spoken to, some friends of my friends or perhaps stranger in the same tour group.


The electric bill prices are going up as well after they announced the increased of petrol price. I think we could save more electricity within my household as there are five of us. Things that we could do to save more electricity :

-        have less warm shower

-        wash clothes less frequent (more clothes in one […]

Beauty lies in the eye of beholder.
How true is the proverb! What we may perceive as beauty might be otherwise for the other persons and vice versa.

I guess it is all God’s work so that everything is fair, or almost fair. If everything has the same level of beauty to everyone, […]

Drink your way to healthy living!

There are so many drinks that I deemed to be healthful for my body but I am always to lazy to drink especially at home. And thus, I am trying to incorporate the drink during my tea time at work or maybe at night or during the weekend.Here is what […]

I read a funny joke the other day. What would be the screensaver like for those who stays at tropical climate? It struck to me that they probably have those sunny beaches as their screen saver; those staying in the cold countries.And yeah, we should have the screensaver of snowy cold place to look at […]

Most evening, I can hear children laughter from my condo as there is a playground in front of my balcony. The children as young as one year old never fail to go especially on weekend when it is not raining.
There are swings, see-saw, climbing jungle, etc with soft ground.  The kids love the playground swingsa […]

It is amazing how credit cards have been replacing the normal transaction of cash as it is more convenient and fast.I love using my credit cards which means I could get to collect points to redeem for gift at the end of the year.
But the thing that I really hate about my credit card is […]


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When AV and I were having our lunch at Brickfield coffee shop, suddenly a guy from the next table was yelling to another Indian man at another table. They were yelling and shouting at each other angrily!
It was quite noisy and everyone turned to see. AV got a little nervous and was afraid that if […]

I am thinking to change my 8 years car as it has been giving me problem lately. Many of my friends suggested that I buy a second hand car rather than getting a new car as new car loses its values rapidly. It is more cost effective to get a second hand car.
But I am […]

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