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I went to the salon again for my 4th facial. I also brought along my previous receipt as he forgot to record down my payment the other time and thus the amount wasn’t tally in my record and his record.
I wish he would have a software or system to keep all his customer data and payment […]


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Oh I love to take annual leave on weekday! It means one extra day of rest before continuing to slave off at work. And today is that special holiday. I just felt like taking a day off and my housemates has extra day to burn as well.
So I plan to ‘do’ my hair today and […]

Yesterday after work, AV and I went to Midvalley as she has some Isetan voucher to spend. It was raining but as our office was near, we reached in a short while.This was the first time I went to The Garden, a high class shopping mall and there was much more employees than the customers!
Everything […]


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As I walked home from train station yesterday, I saw a few cars in my housing area were stopped there while a car made a U-turn in the small lanes. Why was there so many cars, I wondered.
As I walked nearer, I noticed that a lane was closed down as there was a funeral there. […]

I saw John again in the MSN and he buzzed me! I haven’t seen him in ages, since the day he left for UK a few years back, to pursue his study in PhD. I remembered sending him off at the airport with a few of my friends. And now, he already finished his study/research […]

Recently, I met with some of my childhood classmates during a wedding dinner. It’s good to catch up with them and get to know what others are doing. Many of them are overseas. I guess we have ventured to many different professional lines and industry.
To my surprise, quite many of them are practising laws; in […]

After years of no contact, recently I keep getting calls from an ex-colleague. We met up for lunch one of the weekday as we work nearby. It was good to catch up with him until I realise that he might want to sell me something! Oh no.. one minute we were discussing about guitar stickers […]


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The other day I came back home to find our gate door was wide open. Not only that, they key was hanging outside the door!Nobody was at home.
Apparently my housemate forgot to lock the door and left the key dangling outside as if inviting for a break in.I think we need a better security system to ensure […]


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A panic mode has crept into the residents of my friend’s flat. It seems that for the past few nights, several residents’ cars has been stolen! Gosh, we always known that the security wasn’t that good in that area but so far, nothing this serious had happened. It was an alarming case and meeting was conducted […]

I think it is time for me to clean up my wardrobe again. It is time I throw away some clothes that no longer fits me. I can’t exactly remember when was the last time I did this. And I’ve been buying a lot of clothes in the recent years that I am running out […]

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