Every time I was on my holiday or get a chance to travel to somewhere new, I never fails to bring back souvenirs for my families and friends.
I always buy something for my family, even though we can get it back home.  Perhaps I learn it from my mother. She always brings back a lot […]

I couldn’t shake off the loneliness that crept in
Sneaking in like an experienced thief

I couldn’t figure the way to handle it

So I might as well as make friend with it.

The loneliness is a good friend to be

Accompanying you like a silly queen

It listens to you as you wept and sleep

Till the morning by your side […]


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Saying ‘anything’ doesn’t make you flexible.It just show that you are indecisive or lazy to make a decision.
It just show that you are uninterested.
It just show that you are not bothered.
Say something. Make a decision.
It helps!

I saw something disturbing on the way to work this morning. There’s this mother doggie and her little puppy near my outside house recently. The mother doggie is a slim, black dog with little white patches around her neck. The little roly-poly, cute little puppy is brownish in colour, quite small and a little chubby, […]

The other day I felt that I was behaving like a kid in the office. I was practically sulking over a matter that I wasn’t happy about. Well, though it was in the office, it wasn’t really about work or else I would behave more professionally.Actually it was something that we volunteer to do but […]

A cheater cheated on me today. Or at least he handled it indignantly which explained why I wouldn’t help in to take in his clothes if it rains. He promised me that he would accompany me to watch The Golden Compass on Sunday with Y. But he made a different plan to watch it on […]