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Today I went to the shopping mall to find a wine opener. After some searching we couldn’t find the wine opener but ended up with something else, as usual! I nearly bought a pair of shoes but able to pull myself together! I bought a floor paper mop that is disposable and easy to use. I […]

With the petrol price increase, the government asked us to change our lifestyle. But how do we do it if we are only living at the minimal expenses. 
I think my expenses are already at a quite low level and even a 5% increment wont help. Any lower means I would have to sacrifice my […]

Finally it is March, and I am not even done with December! How can time flies so fast. Just the other day I was browsing at CozyWinters looking for winter clothing and in the blink of eyes, I’m keeping away the winter stuff!

I guess it is having so much to do. I used […]

Another rainy Monday morning and many people is sick. As mentioned by one colleague, rainy day will lead to traffic jam and “super-magnet” which attract people to the bed. And as expected, a few people in the team is indeed out sick. Somehow I wish I am one of them.It is super cold in the […]

Another Sunday is going to be over soon. And I don’t know if I am glad or not as I usually wait for the weekend on the weekdays.But today is different. A friend’s friend said she will be coming to collect something from me today. And she never mention what time. She just said she […]

We are running out of space again! The floors are cluttered with the little boy stuffs and it is hard to imagine such small boy can have so many necessities and toys!
We are thinking to make proper cabinets in the room to properly store the stuffs. Either we can get in Ikea or customize or […]

Never loan your money to your friend; especially the best friends. I have heard of that many times and the reason is not because you shouldn’t help them financially but it is because money always causes fall out among friends and even families.
If you really want to help, consider giving them the money instead if […]


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When my little niece saw my father playing with the flute, she looked at him in admiration. We know that she wanted to play the flute but it was too big for her. My mom thought to get her a harmonica to play with. When we went to the shop, she was least interested in […]

When my friend found out about my upcoming trip to Taipei, she asked me to buy her a Jose Ramirez Guitars for her daughter. It seems that there is a place which manufactures many guitars and it is quite famous. Unfortunately, I wasn’t planning on visiting the place.
It is out of my way and I […]


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As soon as the plane landed, I could smell quite a strong smoky stench; and no doubt it was the haze. I’ve been warned through the numerous post on Facebook regarding the haze was back, again! But I didn’t guess it would be this bad.
And thank goodness I took an extra day of leave so […]

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