Unsatisified with the first visit, I decided to go again for another scrumptious meal or so I thought. We went to the one at Section 14 after work and reached there around 7.30pm.Since it was raining, we expected that it wouldnt be many people.
But HOLY COW! How wrong we were! The places were full and […]

I haven’t been eating so much donuts in my whole life till I joined this company. Apparently my site director is a donut lover as she has brought us donuts for more than a couple of times in these few months.
Well I am not a big fan of donut except for the occasional carving of […]

The other day, I saw an odd advertising on a public cab! The cab was just slowing down right in front of us on a traffic light right when I noticed a white A4 paper pasted on the back windscreen.
Upon closer look I saw that it is an advertisement on house rental, written with marker […]

After terminating my streamyx line, I stopped by at the Amcorp Mall on my way home. I haven’t been there for quite some times and I always love flea market there. As today is Friday, I didn’t expect to see the flea market stalls but to my surprise there are actually quite a few stalls […]

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